“May the ashes of Hell burn their throats”

- Lord Mayor Barzillai Thrune, upon hearing the cries for freedom from the artists, dreamers and common-folk of Kintargo.

Silver_Raven.png The ancient empire of Cheliax rumbles under the righteous feet of the army of the Glorious Reclamation, the Iomedaen crusade against the ruling House Thrune and the diabolic Church of Asmodeus. As their victories grow, the powers that be within Cheliax tighten their hold upon their land, locking down their cities under brutal martial law so that no enemy grows within their walls.

Far from the conflict, the City of Kintargo suddenly feels the spiked gauntlet of Cheliaxian authority around their throat for the first time and already the free-thinking and libertarian haven of artists, dreamers and freedom loving noble houses have had enough. Their beloved mayor removed, a remorseless inquisitor of Asmodeus now in power, his first edicts placing the bohemian paradise under martial law, a savagely imposed curfew stifling the art houses and theaters that were once packed nightly.

Many look to the heroes that had always kept their city free, the Silver Ravens, the Bellflower Network or even the Rose of Kintargo, the Milani based organisation who had always curtailed the wickedness of Thrune rule. But none step forward, their voices silenced the night Barzillai Thrune took hold of the city, their whereabouts and fate unknown.

So as the citizenry continue to chaff under cruel rule, a sense of rebellion rises, but without leaders, champions to rally the free people of Kintargo, how could they ever succeed to overcome the infernal army that watches from the castle walls?

Will you rise to the occasion, rally the people and take this city back or will your name be whispered in sorrow, another victim sacrificed to the absolute law of Hell?


Hell's Rebels

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