Hell's Rebels

The Night of Ashes

The Rise of Thrune

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

On the evening of Waelday, 6th of Pharast, Mayor Jillia Bainilus has fled the City of Kintargo and abandoned her duties. It is reported that she has boarded a ship to Arcadia, the threat of the Glorious Reclamation driving her to flee with city funds.

In the wake of her desertion, High Priest Corinstian Grivenner has stepped up to steer the Silver City until a new ruler can be placed. The High Priest wishes all to know that there will be no changes at this time, and a full investigation will be launched into Jillia’s criminal act. We are also to put no weight into the fear of threat from the Glorious Reclamation, even as I speak, our Queen Abrogail Thrune II is overseeing the destruction of the blasphemous traitors that dare march within our borders. The House of Thrune will continue its ever-vigilant protection of her people.

All Glory to Queen Abrogail Thrune

The Night of Ashes

In the early hours of Sunday, 10th of Pharast, fires have torn through the city of Kintargo. Fires are not an uncommon occurance and some may say it appears just poor luck or coincidence that three have lit up the night sky in one night. But do not be fooled, for evidence points to sabotage from various pro- Glorious Reclamation supporters within the city protesting at the arrival of its new ruler, but more on that in a moment.

Current reports have listed the destruction of House Victocora in The Greens , The Silver Star music shop in Jarvis End and the Thrashing Badger in Yulobilis Harbor. The intensity of the fires were so hot, it is suspected that there are no survivors in any of the three locations.

This is an unfortunate display from our fair city in welcoming its new ruler, a great man who has ridden both day and night to calm the fear and uncertainty that rocks Kintargo. In the early hours, Paracount Barzillai Thrune , of noble blood to the Thrune name and Grand Inquisitor of the Church of Asmodeus , has entered Kintargo with his personal army, one that will protect the city and its denizens from the terrorists of the Glorious Reclamation.

So, join me in 5th hour after dawn in Aria Park to welcome our new protector and saviour, for he will address us from the balcony of the Kintargo Opera House.

All Glory to Queen Abrogail Thrune

Corinstian Grivenner


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