Barzillai Thrune

Feared new Lord-Mayor of Kintargo


An imposing figure, clad in the raiments of the Church of Asmodeus, scarred and battle worn, with an intense stare that rarely wavers.


The man that has become the new Lord-Mayor of Kintargo is well known in the lands of Cheliax. But to the people of Kintargo, far removed from the politics of the rest of the nation, the man who brought much change to their city, none of it good, is a bit of a mystery. Despite their ignorance of his past, the following rumours have since been confirmed and widely spread throughout the city:

1. He’s a Thrune: Barzillai Thrune is a full-fledged member of House Thrune; Queen Abrogail is one of his distant cousins.

2. He’s an Asmodean: Unlike most Thrunes, Barzillai is also a ranking member in the Asmodean church as a powerful inquisitor. With one foot in two worlds, it’s said that neither the Thrunes nor the church completely trust him.

Barzillai Thrune

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