Daniel Kilcullen

1/2 elven master carpenter


Daniel is a tall (6’) half-elf with an athletic frame and dark eyes and hair. He has a very easy and open stance and a genuine smile often crosses his face. In quieter moments, there is tempered calm to his demeanour and the shadow of a conflicted man emerges.

Daniel’s features are strong as his elven blood sharpen his defined jaw and nose line. To soften the hawkishness, Daniel wears his hair long and dragged back in a more traditional elven style.

He commonly wears clothes of his trade, swapping his leathers for a linen shirt and breeches on his trips into the city proper.


Daniel is a native of the land of Nirmathas, a forested kingdom to the north east. He appears to have gained his carpentry skills within the legendary forests before moving to Kintargo with his daughter, Cendre, to continue his apprenticeship. He has now achieved the title of master.

He has just been summoned by Barzillai Thrune to take on some custom work at the Kintargo Opera House.

  • He is in his late 50s
  • He created the Dancing Hut prop for Titania’s play
  • Has a young daughter who seems much stronger in elven blood than he. Her name is Cendre.


Daniel Kilcullen

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