Jillia Bainilus

Beloved ex-Mayor of Kintargo


For many years, Jilia Bainilus has done her best to straddle two roles: a loyal Chelaxian in service to a nation she loves, and the leader of a city that shares her frustration at the government currently in control of that nation. The people of Kintargo generally supported her rule, even if they sometimes grew frustrated with her stance on House Thrune and tendency to buckle under during the rare times the government became more directly involved in the city’s affairs. These incidents repeatedly broke Jilia’s heart—she knew the Thrunes could simply have her replaced at any time, and she also knew any replacement would likely not have the city’s best interests at heart. And so she did her best to appease House Thrune while simultaneously working to shelter her citizens from the awful truth.


Jillia Bainilus

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