Laria Longroad


With her warm, charming laugh and ample body, Laria presents the image of a woman who wants for little and enjoys life’s simple pleasures. A powerful, athletic build ripples below her curves, and she’s capable of tirelessly hefting massive loads around the shop and tossing unruly visitors out on their ears.


Owner of the Long Roads Coffeehouse in Villegre.

Known only to a few, Laria is member of the Bellflower Network and uses her shop to both hide Halflings on the run from Cheliax and to fund their new lives in Varisia and beyond. While not a leader of the network, Laria, herself once a slave, is one of the driving forces in the city for Halfling freedom.

Apart from Halflings, her shop is always packed with scholars and students from the nearby academies, one for Laria’s superb baking ability and other for the fine coffee she imports from Garund.

A lover of life, it is rumoured her love life is much like her intake of cakes; varied and often.

Laria Longroad

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