Baronet Milo High-Hill


Milo High-Hill is a free Chelaxian Halfling who has risen to nobility. On the surface, Milo has earned his rights of hold land through exceptional dedicated to his patron; Baron Edmund Dahl. His own magical talents have also earned him recognition. However, it is Milo’s service to the Bellflower Network that is the true reason for his ascension.

Born a slave, Milo never had the opportunity to know his parents. He was sold to the Vyre Harbourmaster at a young age and spent his childhood ferrying equipment to Deepmar. This was hard and brutal work but was somewhat softened by the eventual arrival of Milo’s brother, Otis. However, the two brothers were not together long before slave market rumblings saw the purchase of Otis by another slave master. It was years before the two saw one another again.

Milo came into the service of Baron Dahl in his early twenties. The Dahl family had cultivated a respectful reputation in southern Ravounel. This provided them with the resources necessary to support Bellflower activities between northern and southern Cheliax. Baron Dahl recognised Milo’s potential as a Bellflower agent and offered an unrefusable deal. In exchange for Milo’s service to the network, he would receive freedom, education and holdings of his own. This meant a life within the borders of Cheliax; a life that would by no means be safe. But it also meant the opportunity for Milo to help his Halfling kin. He graciously accepted on the condition that the Dahl family use their connection to locate and free Otis.

For ten years Milo lived and studied at Tucksborough Estate; a small orchard and cider mill east of Kintargo. It was the Dahl’s gift of Tucksborough that solidified Milo’s noble legitimacy. After years of arcane and economics instruction, Milo was ready to take his position within Kintargo. Profits from Tucksborough paid for a townhouse in the Villigre District and tuition at the Alabaster Academy.

Unlike the Tillers of the Bellflower Network, Milo’s position is far less hands on. He functions as intelligence for the network, while also managing Bellflower resources. This is far less taxing than his training at Tucksborough Estate. Even with his alchemical studies at the Alabaster Academy, Milo still has time to pursue his own interests, which includes the Kintargo Opera House.

Milo is a cheerful and kind soul who believes in equality and justice. When able, he will help the less fortunate and chastise the greedy. Despite his humble nature, he realises that as a nobleman and an agent of Bellflower, he has a role to play.

In his private life he is all Halfling. He enjoys lavish meals and the comfort of his Kintargo townhouse. Above all else, however, he enjoys sharing the bounty his Halfling luck has brought him. Because of this, he is well known as a generous host among his closest of friends, and among beggars who can always count on left-overs from the Halfling’s kitchen.

Magical Style
Milo was instructed by several arcane practitioners during his time at Tucksborough Estates. His spellbook is a leather-bound tome, small enough to be held open in one hand. Several long cloth bookmarks and scrap-paper notes extrude from between the pages. Within the book are intricate patterns of arcane formulas inked in the near-forgotten language of the Halflings.

Silver Ravens
Milo has adopted the plague doctor as his personal facade within the Silver Ravens. Unlike his public persona, Milo weaves his magic with the assistance of the gloves of the warmage; allowing him the ability to hold the raw energies of the arcane within his hands.


Baronet Milo High-Hill

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