Professor Liobeth Sarini


Professor Liobeth is the second cousin of Countess Sarini, one of Kintargo’s entrenched noble houses.

Professor Liobeth has been at the Alabaster Academy for nearly a decade, taking up a position after his time in the Chelish army. Before that, he received high education in the Church of Asmodeus.

He is an intense man and feared by many students for his roar of frustration when faced with ineptitude. Despite his background and somewhat dislikeable nature, he scores fairly (though somewhat harsher than other professors) and is considered a very intelligent man.

And an ambitious one.

It is no secret he covets the head role of the Academy and is often outspoken and mocking regarding Iylvana Desdoros’s decision not to include diabolism and other darker knoweldges into the curriculem, especially when the school is at 1/3 capacity. Though, despite constantly mentioning the poor enrollment in his verbal attacks, it is well suspected that if he ever gained the power, he would drive out all students who do not meet his criteria of proper bloodlines.

This includes uppity Halflings!


Professor Liobeth Sarini

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