Rexus Victocora


Rexus is pretty young woman, which would be fine for most if she had not planned on being a pretty young boy.

Since putting on a cursed item, Rexus has reverted to her true form, that of a young Chelixian beauty with choppy burgandy hair, fine features and smooth, pale complextion.

Rexus prefers the bohemian dress sense of the artists and dilletantes of the city while some of her more expensive pieces come from as afar as Ustalav. She has a fondness for buckles, half-capes, tooled-leather and mechanical trinkets.


Rexus Victocora is the daughter of the now feared dead, Baroness Victocora. Apparantly last of her line in Kintargo, she has lost everything as her home has been utterly destroyed and her titles now all but useless.

When Rexus Victocora began her journey from young noble to revolutionary, she wanted nothing more than for everyone else to experience the relative safety of her aristocratic upbringing. She felt that no one should ever worry where the next meal would come from or whether walking home by night would be a life-ending mistake. Reared in Kintargo’s posh noble circles, Rexus never questioned her own security until it was suddenly snatched away.

Raised for years as a fiery and exuberant young lady thanks to the circumstances of his birth, Rexus discovered her future was far more moldable than she ever realized after meeting a Shelynite tutor who migrated between sexes as other people might migrate between nations. This insight led Rexus to a way of growing up she’d had occasionally thought about but had not thought possible. But while his parents embraced their newly revealed son, the news scandalized their stodgy social circles. With his old friends gone and even his physical safety threatened on occasion, Rexus formed new social circles from eclectic sources: musicians, servants, tutors, and even street urchins. He shuddered to see his new friends enduring on a daily basis the same insecurities to which he had only recently been exposed.

Rexus’s parents, Aneran and Porcia Victocora, gave their new son room to develop his own philosophies. They valued knowledge and personal freedom—with just enough distant oversight—over blind indoctrination. After an adolescence spent stumbling through a dozen causes, Rexus completed his studies at the Alabaster Academy and took the chance to travel West for Arcadia as way to improve his world view.

It his here, somehow, that Rexus came across and ancient belt of fertility and undid the years of concoctions taken to live like a man. Now home, to danger and little support, Rexus is a little lost, only the last words from her parents on a note, imploring her to take up their crusade. And she will.

Though the initial shock of her change back has passed which came with a long ship ride home, depression seeping in, Rexus is finding herself unsure whether she is as upset about it as much she should be. She was young when she made the decision, the words and possibilities that spilled forth like honey from the Shelynite was heady to the young woman. She also thought that the world was bigger and more open to those of the male gender, but now, she does not know what to think. This body is not as uncomfortable as it should be and it has not changed who she likes and desires. It will be something she will think upon in the background for her main goal is to assist those who may be able to free her city and avenge her parents.

Rexus Victocora

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