The Newt

A gnome, black market crime boss


The Newt controls the Newt Market in Villegre, one of the better markets for rare or expensive goods, legal or contraband. No merchant sets up in the area without his permission and none of the small thieves guilds dare try their hand in the area, for The Newt has messy ways to deal with offenders.

The Newt also controls many of the sewer accesses as well as some of the smuggling routes across the harbour and often has interactions with some of Kintargo’s rebel groups. For many years now, the Bellflower Network has had to bribe The Newt to turn his attention elsewhere and there has been an uneasy truce between them. At one point, Rickett just tried to take the Newt out but the cunning gnome had failsafes in place that included damning proof of the Bellflower’s activities and some of their freedom routes.

With the martial law crack down that is about to occur and the Bellflower Network losing much its strength, The Newt plans on getting a much better arrangement with the new leaders. While he feels for the halfling’s plight, fellow diminutive race that they are, those feelings are not greater than his greed.

The Newt

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