Titania Ellessar

Elven bard, graduate of the Alabaster Academy, playwright


Titania Ellesar was born into the wealth and privilege associated with courtiers to the elven court of Kyonin. Her family, the Ellesars, were the chief playwrights to the Elven Court and Titania grew up surrounded by other courtiers, and noble elves. Half of her childhood was spent sitting with her three sisters behind the stage at her father’s plays handing out notes, fixing costumes and reminding actors of their lines. The other half was spent dressed up like a doll attending parties and courtly events, representing her family.

Elena, the oldest of the Elessar sisters, was dissatisfied by her privileged lifestyle and as soon as she was able to, started travelling to Greengold, the half-elven settlement on the outskirts of Kyonin’s territory. Greengold was the complete opposite of Kyonin, a bustling port town where people worked for a living and did not have time to sit around writing plays. The half-elves and other non-elves living there were not allowed further into Kyonin than the City walls of Greengold. While a mostly peaceful people, the elves do not take kindly to trespassers into their lands, and such incursions are dealt with swiftly. Some of the younger half-elves felt that they were prejudiced against due to their mixed-blood and spent their time rallying against the “elven elite” of Kyonin.

Titania idolized her older sister and followed her everywhere. She followed her to Greengold and joined her in drama of the rebellion.
Bouyed by the excitement of the struggle against dictatorship, Elena became involved with a travelling warpriest of Milani. Through this friendship, she became drawn into the human politics further abroad than Greengold and learned of real struggles to overthrow dictatorships. When her human friend left to join the struggle against the rule of Asmodeus in Cheliax, Elena left her homeland and travelled to the Chelaxian town of Kintargo. Titania was devastated by her sister’s departure and spent many hours moping around the theatre, reading the many letters sent by her older sister about her time in Cheliax.

Elena wrote of the terrible deeds of the Asmodeus followers, of the sights and smells and most of all the human arts. She sent home plays written and performed in Kintargo’s bustling arts scene. The human plays were gritty and full of melodrama. They were short, often harsh and with a level of realism and struggle that the elven sagas did not. Titania dreamed of writing her own plays that were as exciting.

Just as suddenly as Elena left Kyonin for Cheliax, her letters stopped. Titania had received one last parcel containing a half-written letter and a strange silver necklace that looked a little like a raven. Titania waited for the letters to start again but they never did.

Until she was considered an elven adult, Titania worked as an apprentice to her father, learning all the ways of the Elven playwrights. She wrote beautiful, pristine elven sagas and studied the artistic ways of the elves. She became proficient in several musical instruments and in acting. Despite all this she felt stifled in Kyonin.

After several years of ennui, Titania decided to leave Kyonin. She penned a letter to her parents, her sisters and her young niece. She then packed enough of her possessions to survive, all the gold she had legitimately earned herself and left from the port of Greengold to travel to her sister’s last known location….Kintargo.



Titania Ellessar

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