Church of Asmodeus

AsmodeusAsmodeus (LE), the Prince of Darkness, is the Lord of Hell. He is the master of discipline and the boot on the necks of the weak. He demands obedience, and is a master of the ironclad contract, making his faithful useful and law-abiding citizens, even if their path to Hell is etched indelibly on their souls.

Kintargo’s church of Asmodeus has long played a background role in the city, never far from the minds of its citizens, yet rarely intervening in local politics.

The Temple of Asmodeus in Kintargo, as with many other such temples throughout Cheliax, occupies a grand structure once devoted to Aroden. Today, the large central dome and facades of this structure have been reinforced with iron and magically transformed to be adorned with images of devils and Hell itself. Much of the upper floors are open to the public.

A belfry atop the central dome rings out apparently at random, though none in Kintargo claim to know who or what rings the so-called Devil’s Bells, as access to the belfry without teleportation or flight seems difficult at best. There are those who believe that the bells ring according to some complex pattern or code, and that those who could break the code would learn a terrible secret, but to date the timing of the Devil’s Bells have proven frustratingly difficult to interpret.

The church offers healing and divine castings for the populace for a significantly reduce cost compared to other churches.

Corinstian Grivenner is the Head Priest of the temple.

Church of Asmodeus

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