Church of Shelyn

ShelynShelyn (NG) is the embodiment of love and art. She teaches that beauty comes from within, and that sacrifice is among the purest forms of love. The half-sister of Zon- Kuthon, Shelyn carries the blade of her corrupted brother out of love for what he could have been and might still be.

The only good-aligned church currently allowed to openly practice in Kintargo is Songbird Hall, the church of Shelyn. The tireless work of her faithful have helped keep Kintargo steeped in both culture and creativity while simultaneously helping to preserve city peace and curb violent uprisings—be they from overly eager dottari or frustrated rebels.

To many of Kintargo’s citizens, these priests of Shelyn are regarded unfairly as traitors who sold out their faith, but the wiser realize that these priests are in an impossible position and are doing the best they can to minimize the influence of House Thrune and the church of Asmodeus.

The church brings in most of its money by tutoring young nobles in the way of art, courtship, music, and sculpture, then invests those funds into feeding the poor, sprucing up neighborhoods, and making large anonymous donations to the opera house.

The church offers limited divine healing but supplies cheap medical aid to the citizens.

The current high priest is Zachrin Vhast

Church of Shelyn

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