Tucksborough Estate

Tucksborough Estate sits upon a 10 acre lot that nestled in the greenbelt of Ravounel Midlands. The three century stone manor straddles a cartway that leads out to well-tended orchards as well as numerous stone homes that house the workers and their families. A large distillery looms over the orchards where Tucksborough Cider is made.

• Manor (5,100gp)
• Farm – Orchard (2,090gp)
• Distillery (1,450gp)

Currently, the cider is sold to the surrounding communities and counties. There would have to be some additional infrastructure and purchasing of transport if the cider is to make its way to Kintargo.

The Newt

The Newt was expecting your contact with him and he cordially invites both you and your brother to a small, private gambling house pushed up against the north wall.

You find Bradford in attendance, cleaned and apparently unharmed though he appears a little shaken from the events leading up to this point.

The Newt graciously accepts you guest, the greed in eyes becoming a gleam as he looks over the trinket, the partially fae creature still somewhat attuned to the arcane. Pleased with your reverence for protocol he takes note of your hints about the Red Jills and studies the two of you carefully. After conferring with some of his subordinates, he nods and passes to the two of you a small triangular coin with a hole in it. He leans forward and in his accented drawl tells you: "When you boys decide you need some help, hold the coin up, day or night, and say “A Coin of Three for some small deed”. Some of my lads will come and give you hand whatever it be. One time offer though"

  • The Newt’s Coin: Usable in Kintargo only and only on the streets or close housing / businesses. Summon 1d6+3 street thugs to assist for a scene.

With that, he ushers you out with your man-servant.

The Sarini

The Sarinis are one of the more well known and older noble houses of Cheliax. They have holdings in the heartlands of the country as well as property within Egorian as well as significant assets in the Duchy of Ravounel, particularly Kintargo.

They have long been associated with diabolism and are ardent supporters of House Thrune.

Known Information

  • After the Cheliax civil war, House Sarini was given charge to ruling Kintargo, their family and assets dogged foes of the Silver Ravens who vexed the country for so long. The newly appointed Lord-Mayor was a sycophantic and odious man who was immediately disliked. However, after the disappearance of the leader known as Jackdaw, the Silver Ravens began to deteriorate and in a desperate action, one orchestrated the kidnapping of the newly appointed Lord-Mayor’s child. This unfortunately had the side-effect of humanising the Sarini house to the people and the recovery of the child actually led to the formation of a new Hellknight order: Order of the Torrent.
  • The current head of the family is: Countess Urora Sarini. An aging woman who controls her house with an iron fist. Their interests are in: Diabolism, entertainment and theater of the real.

New Information

  • The Countess controls her house brutally because there was a schism in the ranks decades ago, the Sarinis of the south while still noble, are a running joke of the courts.

Nicknamed the “Fools of Thrune” or the “Lapdogs of Hell”, they were known for producing cruel and macabre fools and jesters who serve the crown. Members of the house were often sent to amuse crowds at public executions in Egorian, entertaining the common folk with their dark and violent humor.

While this kind of activity ended some time ago, southern noble houses remember and still mock them behind their backs and Countess Urora and her northern family strive to ensure this history is forgotten or at least, never revealed in Kintargo.

  • Checking death records you also discover that they lost no less than one score of family members died to the Silver Ravens during the ongoing war, a dozen attributed to Jackdaw alone. Many of these deaths were covered up as they did not want the citizens and crown to know how utterly defeated and embarrassed by the secret society they were.

New Info


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