Old Kintargo

Old Kintargo is, as the name implies, Kintargo’s oldest district. It is home to an eclectic mix of buildings.

O1. The Old Harbor: These docks are used mostly for shipping building materials, food, and salt.

O2. Salt Market: This market caters to masons, alchemists, architects, and builders.

O3. Sallix Salt Works: This salt-packaging business is the largest and oldest of its kind in Kintargo.

O4. Salt Gate: This gate is left open at all times, but it mostly just receives traffic from the Old Harbor.

O5. Odde & Daughter Herbs: This abandoned shop is supposedly haunted.

O6. Old Kintargo Cemetery: Though no longer in active use, this burial ground is periodically patrolled by the church of Asmodeus.

O7. Lucky Bones: This burned-out gambling hall was never rebuilt.

O8. Tooth and Nail: This quiet tavern is one of Old Kintargo’s oldest establishments.

O9. Olmer’s Smithy: As Old Kintargo’s last remaining smith, Olmer often has magic armor for sale.

O10. Holding House: Once Kintargo’s jail, this building was recently re-commissioned and put back into use by Thrune as a place to hold suspects before they are processed.

O11. House of Truth and Clarity: What used to be Kintargo’s courthouse is now used to house political prisoners and host the occasional public execution.

O12. Iudeimus Tenement: This tenement building is the tallest structure in Old Kintargo.

O13. Vespam Artisans: Magic items are often found for sale at this a guild of tinkers and metal artisans.

O14. Rust Gate: Passage through Kintargo’s busiest gate now comes with a 2 sp gate tax.

Old Kintargo

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