Property Mogul Nurla

You have managed to recover records of several slums that Nurla owns as well surprisingly a number of properties in Villegre and Jarvis End. Some seem standard, she has paid coin and bought them over the years but you start finding more than a couple that were transferred by a will or by repayments of debts owed.

The paperwork also shows that over the years, she seems to have donated several properties to unfortunates or sold them outright. It seems above board but you do find a couple of names repeat who were the recipients and the transfers several years apart.

Based on the properties that she would have owned if she had kept them all, the by-laws of Kintargo (and Cheliax) would have meant that she would have to pay an additional yearly lump sum of tax that went specifically maintaining the overall quality of three city blocks worth of housing, a rule to stop wealthy buying up poor areas in bulk and doing nothing to improve the overall quality of the city. It was meant to prevent slums growing.

As it is, Nurla is allowed to do minimal to her properties, allow the residents to reside and filth and just rake in the money without being forced to do anything more than the minimal tax she pays.


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