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War is coming to Cheliax. A Crusade brought against the devil-back rule of House Thrune by an army of Iomedaen followers who wish to free the land from Asmodeus’ iron grip and restore Iomedae as the state religion. Bolstered by the victory in the Worldwound, the now experienced and bolstered church of Iomedae now seek to reclaim all their sacred artifacts lost over the centuries. And the Hellknight Order of the Godclaw was first in their line of sights in the fell nation of Nidal.

So far, the Crusade is in its early stages and their goal is the southern lands where most of the seat of power sits and the ramifications have not yet been felt in Kintargo, the Silver City and a haven for libertarian artists, free-thinkers and freedom-loving nobles despite being situated within the borders of the Empire of Cheliax.

But reports from the southern lands speak of martial law being instigated, roads, ports and cities being locked down until the treasonous invading army can be destroyed.

But Kintargo cannot hide forever, eventually the oppressive grip of Thrune will be felt upon their necks and heroes will be needed to rise up and lead the people against the devilry of Asmodeus.


Kintargo is a northern Chelish city situated on Nisroch Bay at the mouth of the Yolubilis River. It is the main harbor for ships heading north to Varisia and west to Anchor’s End of the dragon-ruled kingdom of Arcadia. Unprotected by any natural barriers, the city and its citizens are among the most cosmopolitan in Cheliax, and the infernal influence, so prominent in other cities of Cheliax, is not nearly as noticeable.

As a major port, the city is frequently visited by ships of the Chelish Navy which tend to exert a pall over life in the city. Seeking to give the Naval commanders and crew a good show, Mayor Jilia Bainulus tend to enforce dictates of Church and State before relaxing all that nonsense again after they debate and leave.

Kintargo sprawls from the Yolubilis River’s northeastern shore onto part of Argo Isle in the river’s mouth. Its summers are warm and humid, followed by long, cold, and rainy winters.

The city is divided into north and south ends by the Yolubilis River, with the two halves connected by Bleakbridge. It is further divided into eight districts:

North Kintargo

The Greens, its noble district at the city’s northeast border. The Silver Road leads out of this district’s eastern gates.

Schools make up much of the Villegre district in northwestern Kintargo, including the famed Alabaster Academy.

Yolubilis Harbor lines the southern shore of northern Kintargo with merchants, with Bleakbridge itself doubling as the city’s main marketplace. The northern Nightways Gate is rarely used except to welcome visitors from Nidal on the Night Road.

South Kintargo

The Castle District fills the northwestern point of southern Kintargo and hosts the city’s seat of government in Castle Kintargo.

Jarvis End, just west of the city’s southern center, hosts its vibrant nightlife, and the Kintargo Opera House is its centerpiece. Barzillai Thrune has taken over the opera house as his residence. Aria Park, immediately south of the opera house, is the city’s largest public meeting space.

Old Kintargo, on the west end of south side, borders the river’s western fork. Much of the city’s salt trade and shipping operates from this district, including the Sallix Salt Works. Ravounel Road leads out of this district’s broken southern gate, also known as the Salt Gate.

The southeastern Redroof district features residential and commercial buildings, including Kintargo’s tiefling slums.

Temple Hill, east of the southern city center, is anchored by the Temple of Asmodeus.


While the official Church of Asmodeus is Kintargo’s most prominent, Temple Hill also hosts temples for a few other state-approved faiths, including Zon-Kuthon, Abadar, and Shelyn. Until the seditious acts of the Glorious Reclamation, even worship of Iomedae remained legal, if rare.

Shelyn, Desna, Calistria, Cayden, and Sarenrae are known but seriously distrusted and monitored by the government. Milani is outrightly banned.


Kintargo’s bustling riverside docks export salt, seafood, and silver. Culture in the form of art, poetry, music and theatre is known Golarion wide.

Known Organisations

  • Bellflower Network: This rumored organization of halflings supposedly helps slaves escape from Cheliax.
  • Chelish Citizens’ Group: Not all of Kintargo’s citizens seethe under Cheliax law. A small subset have formed this group to support the Thrune throne but are largely ignored by the Mayor.
  • Church of Asmodeus: The church of Asmodeus is the official faith of Kintargo, and its callous high priest, Corinstian Grivenner, is a well known (and much loathed) public official.
  • Court of Coin: Kintargo is home to eight noble families, all of whom gather in a group known as the Court of Coin to serve as a council of advisers for the government.
  • Order of the Torrent: Kintargo’s own Hellknight order is quite small and are dedicated to rescuing lost and kidnapped citizens for cheliax. Lictor Octavio Sabinus is known as a good man despite his scowling demeanor.
  • Rose of Kintargo: This group of rebels follows the teachings of the minor goddess Milani, and work tirelessly to undermine any attempt of Thrune assertion within the city.
  • Sacred Order of Archivists: A secret society, the Sacred Order of Archivists are a group of Irorians dedicated to the preservation of historical documents.
  • Silver Ravens: A legendary secret society who rose up a century ago by adventurers and followers of Milani who kept Kintargo free during the civil war that tore the empire apart. It was only after House Thrune took hold of the country did they finally falter, the group moving to the shadow to wage their war but finally fell to inquisitors, treachery and properaganda. House Thrune had the Order of the Rack destroy all records of the group but their story is still shared by those who wish to see freedom come to their city. The leader, an unknown person known as Jackdaw, dissapeared during the purge and no trace ever found.
  • Miscellaneous Gangs: Kintargo currently lacks an organized thieves’ guild, but does have at least two smaller gangs—the Red Jills and the River Talons— neither of whom are currently accepting new members.
  • Kintargo Dottari: The Asmodeus crested guards of Kintargo.

Kintargo Opera House

The Kintargo Opera House is the second most famous theatre in Golarion, only behind the one in Westcrown. It is well funded by various noble families, patrons of the arts and secret societies who enjoy the almost treasonous plays it puts on. It is a grand establishment that employs hundreds of people in the city ranging from craftsmen to artists.

Currently, it is busy preparing for the opening night of a new opera, Lamentations of the Snow Queen, a story based upon the fall of the Irrisen Queen. There are many parallels made throughout to the rule of Thrune and how any tyrant can be toppled. While not outright threatening, the message is hardly subtle.

Due to the dangerously seditious work it performs, the people of the Kintargo Opera House are very close, a branching family who are constantly on the lookout for crown agents. But there is also camaraderie and pride in what they do and from starlet to ticket seller, all successes are celebrated together.

You belong to this family, one way or another. You maybe an actor or singer with a role (or understudy), to a craftsman, security or assisting with magical special effects. You may even be just a patron of the arts, one who has donated coin or time and have been welcomed into the vibrant community that is the Kintargo Opera House.

People of Note

  • Shensen – This half-sea elven beauty is the face of the modern Opera House, her love of the theatre backed by her incredible siren-like voice has drawn record crowds in recent times. She is flirtatious, proud, kind and full of energy and she has a knack for bringing everyone around her along for the ride. She is currently preparing herself to play the heroine – Katarina the Ascendent Queen.
  • Guttugger – An awakened, talking dinosaur…… and Shensen’s best friend, Guttugger tends to not stray far from her side and is usually found sleeping in the back rooms of the Opera House.
  • Madean & Pavanna Victocora – Husband and wife noble couple who are part of the Court of Coins. They are the current owners of the Opera House and are considered lifelong patrons for their ongoing gifts and donations to the theatre. They often host salons and galas to raise money and attention for the Opera House and invite the both the workers and actors to their estate for the gatherings. Considered wonderfully cultured and educated, the pair are well respected for their early critiques and constructive feedback.
  • Jillia Bainilus – The mayor of Kintargo. Jillia is well supported by the freedom loving nobles as well as the everyday worker within the Silver City. She passionatley tries to stave off the influence of the crown though not so much as to appear treasonous. It is a difficult balance but Jillia does it with grace and wit.
  • Petronicus – An experienced thespian, Petronicus was originally a scholar before being drafted into the army. After serving in the wildlands of Varisia, he left the ranks and joined the theatre as a choreography assistant. He then became a popular lead and still assists in fact checking historic based plays.
  • Callery Frickard – A well known and respected pen-maker, Callery supplies the hundreds of artists, writers, sages, clerks and scribes of Kintargo with quality goose quill instruments. However, goose quills, while cheap and finely pointed can split and break easily meaning only the most experienced can complete a book with a singular pen without the chance of ruined paper. Recently, Callery has invented a new pen, a unique metal nibbed instrument that does not break and allows even those barely trained in writing to produce clear, easy to read literature. He donated several to the Opera House for testing a well as some to the various city functionaries. Strangely, there has been a massive uproar over his invention and factions have risen to block the instrument from becoming widely available. This uproar has affected the Opera House with many of the flyer-writers going on strike with their fellow state clerks and scribes. The local goose-breeders are also less than happy.

Player's Guide

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