The residences of Redroof possess a distinctive look compared to the rest of Kintargo.

R1. Hocum’s Fantasmagorium: This museum of strange and unusual oddities has been closed for many years.

R2. Kelimber’s Dry Goods and Supplies: This sprawling general store and post office serves many of Redroof ’s daily needs.

R3. Redroof Market: This market specializes in clothing and textiles.

R4. The Devil’s Threads: This business is arguably the finest tailor shop in Redroof.

R5. Fair Fortune Livery: This abandoned stable is said to be haunted.

R6. The Cloven Hoof Society: This ramshackle building is run as a hostel and advocacy for Kintargo’s downtrodden tiefling citizens.

R7. Devil’s Nursery: This slum is primarily inhabited by tieflings.


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