Temple Hill

The slopes of Temple Hill are home to Kintargo’s churches.

T1. Shadowsquare: Kintargo’s second-largest temple houses the local church of Zon-Kuthon.

T2. House of Golden Veils: As a temple of Abadar, this church serves as Kintargo’s largest bank and moneylender.

T3. Temple of Asmodeus: Unsurprisingly, the grand Temple of Asmodeus is Kintargo’s largest and most powerful church.

T4. Temple Hill Gardens: These plots of lands hold Kintargo’s active graveyards.

T5. Humbert House: An old shrine of Aroden that once served as an orphanage, this building is now abandoned and reputed to be haunted.

T6. Songbird Hall: The local temple of Shelyn continues to attempt to keep the peace in Kintargo.

Temple Hill

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