The Greens

The Greens is Kintargo’s noble district.

G1. Records Hall: This repository holds records for Kintargo nobility.

G2. Whitegate Market: This affluent market specializes in artwork, gold, jewelry, and silver.

G3. Greengate: Kintargo’s easternmost gate is used primarily by nobility, but it is usually kept closed.

G4. The Counting House: This squat building serves as a meeting place for the Court of Coin.

G5. Lantana Park: This expansive series of cultivated parks is intended mostly for the nobility to enjoy.

G6. Tanessen Estate: Led by Count Geoff Tanessen, this family’s interests include armor and weapon crafting, city defense, and military supplies.

G7. Delronge Estate: Led by Archbaroness Melodia Delronge, this family’s interests include horse breeding, hunting, and mercantilism.

G8. Victocora Estate: Led by Baroness Pavanna Victocora, this family’s interests included fishing, literature, and poetry.

G9. Jarvis Estate: Led by Baroness Belcara Jarvis, this family’s interests include architecture, carpentry, city planning, and stonemasonry.

G10. Aulamaxa Estate: Led by Archbaroness Eldonna Aulamaxa, this family’s interests include hunting, opera, and public opinion.

G11. Vashnarstill Estate: Led by Baron Sendi Vashnarstill, this family’s interests include Arcadian trade, fishing, and shipbuilding.

G12. Jhaltero Estate: Led by Baron Canton Jhaltero, this family’s interests include information, silver, and stone quarries.

G13. Aulorian Estate: Led by Count Auxis Aulorian, this family’s interests include magic, salt, and silver.

G14. Sarini Estate: Led by Countess Urora Sarini, this family’s interests include diabolism, entertainment, and the theater of the real.

The Greens

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