The Silver Ravens


Rebellion Rules

The Silver Raven legacy is once again growing, rising from the good folk of Kintargo to throw off oppressive rule and lead its people in righteous rebellion.


Current Base: The Wasp Nest (Under Longroad Coffee House)

Allies of Note

Current Teams


  • Aria Park Protest – Defended the populace from the Dotarri and hell hound, which was later pinned to the Opera House doors.
  • Salt Works Raid – Raided the Salt Works on the docks and defeated the dwarven foreman who was an Asmodean follower. Rescued 6 prisoners and damaged the furnace.
  • Raid on the Hall of Records – Successfully stole numerous records from the now closed Records Hall and defeated the hell cat and invisible stalker.
  • Devil’s Nursery Murders – Stopped the foul toothfairies and their murders. Gave peace to the tormented soul of the murdered child.
  • Red Jill Threat – Raided the hideout of Scarplume and slew the gang leader. Also broke the corruption between the thieves and a civil servant who was exposed publicly (literally).
  • The Kintargo Job – Broke into the Temple of Abadar and raided the vaults for for the contracts to the Zebub Devils. Kintargo is currently spy devil free.
  • Rats in the Phantasmagorium – Following a lead from Rexus who beleived she had discovered her parent’s secret base for the Order of Sacred Archivists. Unfortunately, it appears Barzillai Thrune was already aware of its existence and had sent Thrune redactors to claim what they could and destroy the rest. Fighting past the traps left upstairs and the guardians below, the heroes struck a mighty blow against the Lord Mayor by slaying his personal assassin and henchwoman, Nox.


A legendary secret society who rose up a century ago by adventurers and followers of Milani who kept Kintargo free during the civil war that tore the empire apart. It was only after House Thrune took hold of the country did they finally falter, the group moving to the shadow to wage their war but finally fell to inquisitors, treachery and properaganda. House Thrune had the Order of the Rack destroy all records of the group but their story is still shared by those who wish to see freedom come to their city. The leader, an unknown person known as Jackdaw, dissapeared during the purge and no trace ever found.

Original Silver Raven Secrets

  • The Silver Ravens were established in 4606 AR in the wake of the chaos that swept over Cheliax after Aroden’s death to help protect the city of Kintargo from oppression.
  • The woman who founded the Silver Ravens was a mysterious elf known only as “Jackdaw”, a figure who in the Age of Lost Omens built herself into a sort of Kintargan folk hero who fought for the rights of the city’s downtrodden.
  • Many of the Silver Ravens were adventurers or worshipers of Milani. Jackdaw, a swashbuckler, was the most powerful and influential of them all, but others who rose to particular prominence among the Silver Ravens were Amyreid (a female half-elf cleric of Milani), Ba (a male halfling enchanter), Kyda (a female human rogue/bard), and Brakisi (a male human urban ranger).
  • The Silver Ravens defended Kintargo from being conquered no fewer than a dozen times during the Chelish Civil War: five times from power-hungry noble families, four times from agents of Thrune, once from an invasion of skum from the sea, once from a cabal of Nidalese vampires, and once from a blue dragon named Rivozair.
  • No-one currently knows what happened to them, the disappeared not long after the civil war ended. Recent information seems to point to treachery in the core group but no-other information.
  • House Sidaris worked with the crown to try and destroy the Silver Ravens, using information from a betrayer about the whereabouts of Jackdaw. Apparently Jackdaw slew the the ambush party to a man before disappearing off into the city.
  • The Silver Ravens maintained their main headquarters in and below the Kintargo Opera House; unfortunately, no information in the documents indicates any other safe houses the group may have maintained.
  • The Silver Ravens were said to be able to use something called the “Song of Silver” to defend Kintargo when it was attacked by enemies, but sadly, no additional information as to what this mysterious song was can be found in these notes.
  • The last section translated speaks of how the leaders of the Silver Ravens had seen the proverbial writing on the wall—they knew House Thrune was likely to seize control, and had come to the difficult decision to surrender should this event come to pass, hoping to prevent Thrune from razing Kintargo. Indications exist that the cache of treasure and documents hidden in the Fair Fortune were intended to serve as a sort of time capsule, should Kintargo forget the Silver Ravens with the passage of time.

The Silver Ravens

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