Yulobilis Harbor

Yolubilis Harbor is the bustling merchants’ district of the Silver City.

Y1. The War Cage: Kintargo’s largest weapons shop often has magic weapons for sale.

Y2. Sunset Imports: Until recently, Sunset Imports coordinated most of the trade between Cheliax and Anchor’s End on distant Arcadia, but it recently lost its contract and is now in decline.

Y3. Vashnarstill Shipyard: Kintargo’s busy shipyard sees many merchants.

Y4. The Thrashing Badger: Yolubilis Harbor’s rowdiest tavern recently burned to the ground.

Y5. Clenchjaw’s: This friendly tavern has lately gained an influx of new customers.

Y6. Bleakbridge: Connecting northern and southern Kintargo, this bridge doubles as the city’s busiest marketplace.

Yulobilis Harbor

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