Hell's Rebels

The Gray Spiders

The Lucky Bones

The Gray Spiders
(Milo’s History Check)

After the defeat of the Silver Ravens, Kintargo actually served Cheliax as a dutiful supporter. But in time, the Silver City’s rebellious nature began to reassert itself. It was at this time that a guild of thieves known as the Gray Spiders rose to prominence. This guild used a popular gambling hall and drug den in Old Kintargo called the Lucky Bones as their base of operations, from which they orchestrated numerous criminal escapades including a kidnapping ring connected to a cult of Norgorber. Beneath the gambling hall, a multi-levelled dungeon was carved out, including tunnels under the water of the bay which were drained by ingenious pumps. The Gray Spiders were the most powerful organisation within Kintargo at that time, a true thieves’ guild with far-reaching power and resources.

The Gray Spiders had three masters who worked together and oversaw the three guild enterprises.

• Baccus, a male tiefling sorcerer, handled the drug running and distribution, often using conjured devils to deliver or pick up exotic ingredients because of their ability to teleport at will. It was Baccus who engineered the guild’s ingenious magical pumps that allowed them to utilize chambers below sea level for such activities. He was also the guild’s enforcer, responsible for punishing infractions among their own.

• Lorelu, a female halfling rogue, oversaw the guild’s gambling and games, and served as the public face for the Gray Spiders. She helped keep the guild’s true activities secret from Kintargo’s authorities, and also handled much of the guild’s internal affairs.

• Hei-Fen, a female human wererat cleric of Norgorber, controlled much of the Gray Spiders’ abduction plots, but also served as the guild’s spiritual leader.

Not a lot is known about what caused the sudden and violent downfall of the Gray Spiders but many suspect that they had a hand in the death of the Lictor of the Hellknight’s of the Torrent. She had been the one to form the order with her heroics against the Silver Raven, Brakisi, who had kidnapped the Mayor’s son. Whatever it was, the Order galvanised and struck with such brutality and organisation, the Gray Spiders were crushed within a night, their holdings fallen and a message sent to all other criminal organisations. No individual crime gang has ever grown to the influence of the Gray Spiders since that fateful night over 90 years ago.

The Order of the Torrent
(From Lictor Octavio)

After Lictor Reya formed the Order of the Hellknights of the Torrent, she was a beloved figure in the city. They were dedicated to rescuing citizens no matter their station and she was a fair and just woman. When the Gray Spiders activities began to escalate, especially in regards to a slaving ring that ties to the nearby city of Vyre, she ordered her people to begin investigations.

When the Gray Spiders learned of the order’s investigation into their activities, they made the greatest mistake of their lives. Lictor Reya was assassinated in public, the assassin’s proclaiming that any who tried to interfere with Gray Spider business would meet the same fate, no matter who they were. Instead of running scared, the new leader, Lictor Yehl, called every member of the 200 strong Hellknights of the Torrent together and as one, raided the Lucky Bones.

The Spiders who survived the original assault were driven deep into their subterranean tunnels and they promptly flooded them to prevent the Hellknights from taking everything from them. The upper chambers where cleared with brutal efficiency and when no more Gray Spiders stood, the Lictor had the chambers sealed. In the assault, not one Hellknight was lost, an overwhelming victory that spread their fame far and wide, the paladins and warriors heroes of the city.

Unfortunately, it was later discovered that Lictor Yehl and several of his lieutenants had sealed the chambers with the intention of returning to claim all the treasure hidden away rather than turning over to the city. This shameful act had them charged with corruption and they were expelled from the Hellknight order. The order never recovered from the stain upon their honour and their numbers have diminished over the decades, only 23 remaining when Octavio took the mantle of Lictor. Octavio admits he has thought about exploring the tunnels over the years but the lack of resources – and a worry that what he might uncover could very well be the final straw in destroying the order’s reputation—stayed his hand


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