Glorious Reclamation

War is coming to Cheliax. A Crusade brought against the devil-back rule of House Thrune by an army of Iomedaen followers who wish to free the land from Asmodeus’ iron grip and restore Iomedae as the state religion. Bolstered by the victory in the Worldwound, the now experienced and bolstered church of Iomedae now seek to reclaim all their sacred artifacts lost over the centuries. And the Hellknight Order of the Godclaw was first in their line of sights in the fell nation of Nidal.

So far, the Crusade is in its early stages and their goal is the southern lands where most of the seat of power sits and the ramifications have not yet been felt in Kintargo, the Silver City and a haven for libertarian artists, free-thinkers and freedom-loving nobles despite being situated within the borders of the Empire of Cheliax.

But reports from the southern lands speak of martial law being instigated, roads, ports and cities being locked down until the treasonous invading army can be destroyed.

But Kintargo cannot hide forever, eventually the oppressive grip of Thrune will be felt upon their necks and heroes will be needed to rise up and lead the people against the devilry of Asmodeus.*

Recently, the Hellknights of the Order of the Godclaw announced they had recovered an ancient sword from the Menador Mountains. The Hellknights readily identified the relic as Heart’s Edge, a blade once carried by the goddess Iomedae, whom the order worships as one part of the lawful, polytheistic faith of the Godclaw. Well versed in Iomedae’s stringent faith and her life as a mortal crusader, the Hellknights claimed the weapon as a symbol of their order’s righteousness and proof of divine favor.

Unsurprisingly, some of Iomedae’s faithful didn’t agree with this interpretation. After the Hellknights refused the church’s request for the sword’s return, a zealous paladin of Iomedae named Alexeara Cansellarion issued a call to the faithful of the Inheritor to reclaim Heart’s Edge from the Order of the Godclaw. In Alexeara’s view, the Hellknights’ worship of the Godclaw did not align with the church’s traditional teachings, making them heretics unworthy of bearing the goddess’s blade. Hundreds of knights and clerics from Andoran, Cheliax, Molthune, and beyond responded to the call and marched on Citadel Dinyar in Isger, where they defeated the Order of the Godclaw and ousted the Hellknights from their citadel.

But Alexeara Cansellarion had her eyes on a far greater prize than a Hellknight citadel in Isger or even Heart’s Edge. The Cansellarions were a noble family of Westcrown who lost their titles and holdings when the House of Thrune emerged victorious from the Chelish Civil War. Iomedae herself was Chelish as well and, in Alexeara’s eyes, a Thrune-dominated Cheliax is as much an affront to the Inheritor as it is to her personally. Emboldened by her victory over the Order of the Godclaw and with Heart’s Edge in hand, Alexeara Cansellarion founded a new knightly order dedicated to Iomedae, based at Citadel Dinyar. This order of knights, called the Glorious Reclamation, promises nothing less than a purge of the diabolical ideals that the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune embodies and a reclaiming of the nation in Iomedae’s name.

Priests of Iomedae have fanned out from Citadel Dinyar to begin preaching a return to the worship of Iomedae in Cheliax, exhorting the faithful to rise up in support of the Glorious Reclamation and overthrow House Thrune. In response, Thrune has imposed martial law in the empire’s largest cities, and imperial soldiers have begun rooting out rebel rats’ nests from Corentyn to Ostenso. Though it’s been driven out of the empire’s heartlands and into the countryside and smaller towns along the fringes of Cheliax, the nascent uprising is slowly but surely gathering strength.

Faced with open insurrection throughout the empire, Her Infernal Majestrix, Queen Abrogail II, seeks to tighten her grip on Cheliax and stop the spread of sedition. She has sent a commandment to loyal subjects in every village, town, and city across the nation: reaffirm your loyalty to Thrune and Cheliax and prove your devotion by swearing the Hellfire Compact.

Glorious Reclamation

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