The Alabaster Academy

The Alabaster Academy is a widely renowned university in Kintargo’s Villegre district, though most of its prestige lies in its past. The academy’s reputation was ruined when a professor was revealed to be a murderer known as the Temple Hill Slasher, and the Chelish Civil War ensured it never fully recovered.

The university’s focuses include the sciences of botany, medicine, and zoology; practical training in apothecary and healing; and, as a recent addition, arcane magic untainted by Chelish requests to incorporate diabolism.

However, things have changed in recent times and with the city falling under Thrune rule, those loyal to the crown push to have Chelish education and diabolism finally included in the university’s curriculum.

People of Note

  • Iylvana Desdoros : Headmaster of the Academy and staunch supporter of education free of Chelish involvement.
  • Professor Liobeth Sarini : A professor who has strong ties to the Church of Asmodeus and wishes to claim the title of Headmaster.
  • Baronet Milo High-Hill : A graduate and current member of the Academy who is eyeing a possible professor position.

New Students

Ditaliah Mathem 1.jpg
Ditaliah is a fiery, yet compassionate waitress from the Tooth and Nail. She has served for several years under the previous proprietor, and has continued under the Silver Raven’s management. Milo has always had a great deal of affection for the young girl. Her desires to care for her ailing kin has led her to sink what little savings she has into medical and magical curatives of varying degrees of effectiveness. Now near destitute, her aspirations of a better life have all but dissipated. Her keen eye for detail and her sharp critical mind prompted Milo to approach her first. With no love for the Thrune, she will serve nicely as both a student of the Alabaster Academy and as an agent of the Silver Ravens.

Rollo Tomson 2.jpg
Rollo is the only son of two of Milo’s household staff. As the child of the servant class, he is afforded very few opportunities. Milo had originally intended to send Rollo back to Tucksborough Estates, with the plan continue the education that Milo himself initiated. This would hopefully give him the chance to become a ward of a noble master. Though the limitations placed upon Kintargo and Ravounel by the Thrune has all but eliminated this possibility.

As Milo had sworn to Rollo’s parents to provide him with a future, it only seemed right to offer the youth a position at the Alabaster. While quite young for such an endeavour, Milo is confident that the teachings he has received so far from the High-Hill brothers have adequately prepared him for the trials of academia.

Sefare Isolt 3.jpg
Sefare is no stranger to the Alabaster Academy. She works tirelessly through the nights cleaning and re-shelving the giant tomes of the Alabaster’s great libraries.

There is little secret among the students and faculty that Sefare spends some of her time reading the books she is supposed to be storing. This has drawn the ire of the likes of Professor Sarini, who takes great offense to the notion of the lower class’s presence at the academy. While a talented mind, it is untrue to say that Milo’s Scholarship offer was purely academic. But also in part to simply annoy the not-so-good Professor

Barnaby Underfoot 4.jpg
Barnaby had served the Victocora for many years prior to the tragedy of the Night of Ashes. Now unfettered to a household, he has been wondering the streets of Kintargo.

Milo met Barnaby through one of Otis’ Bellflower connections. As Halfling kin, Milo felt compelled to help, and thus has brought Barnaby into the fold the Alabaster as another Silver Raven agent.

The Alabaster Academy

Entrance Fee: 100gp
Tuition: 50gp per semester
Semester: 3 months

Subjects: Alchemy, Arcana, Cartography, Herbalism, History, Literature, Nature, Medicine.

Specialized Subjects: Arcane Magic, Diabolism (Pending)

Extracurricular Activities

  • Outback Expedition (+1 Fame): Twice per year, you may participate in an expedition to the wildlands—especially to the Ravounel Forest, the Menador Mountains, or the North Plains—to gather samples of rare herbs, animal specimens, and other natural ingredients for healing or alchemical supplies. You can make a DC 14 Nature / Alchemy check to gather some relevant ingredients and garner 2 Fame points. Alas, as the outback isn’t that peaceful, there is a 5% chance on each expedition that there is an event that occurs.
  • Invent New Alchemical Formula (+X Fame [varies]): Once per semester, you can take a month off to rent a crafting space at the academy to invent a new alchemical formula and craft a new alchemical item. To invent a new alchemical item, you must first propose a new receipt and then succeed at an Alchemy check with a DC set by the GM, according to the alchemical item’s function. If you succeed at the skill check, you garner Fame points according to the DC of the item you’ve invented, as follows: DC 8-13 (0 Fame), DC 14-17 (1 Fame), DC 17+ (+2 Fame).
  • Sponsor (+1 / +2 Fame): Once per semester, you can sponsor a student’s entry and semester or just semester by paying her tuition (150gp / 250gp). You can only sponsor a student once per year, and even then only if your Fame score is lower than 30.


  • Supply Surplus (3 PP): You can buy either raw material for crafting alchemical items or healing magic at a 20% reduced cost or you can buy those supplies at a 10% reduced cost.
  • Sturdy Companion (5 PP) If you are looking for a really sturdy and healthy animal companion, familiar, or special mount, you can get one of those rare specimens at the academy through a specialised ritual. Your acquired animal companion, familiar, or special mount gains +3hp and a +2 inherent bonus on Charisma.
  • Transformation (25 Fame, 15 PP): As the current headmistress focuses on transmutation spells and polymorphic magic, you can learn the secrets of multimorphing. When you cast a spell of the polymorph subschool on yourself or use your wild shape, you may expend 1 minute of the spell’s duration or one hour of your wild shape as a standard action to assume another form allowed by the spell or wild shape. You can do this as often as you like, subject to the duration of the spell or your wild shape’s duration.
  • Research Grant (20 Fame, 5 PP): The Academy helps pay for a magic spell or magic item you wish to create. The total cost of the research or item creation is reduced by 25%.
  • Scholar (2 PP): Your studies have paid off. You become specialized (+1 bonus) in one of the skills taught by the Academy.
  • Library Access: Spell copying reduced by 25%
  • Student Assistant (35 Fame): Gain the services of a student who can assist in research, favours or occasional personal requests.

The Alabaster Academy

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