The Blue Feather Theatre Company

The Blue Feather Theatre has sat in the northeastern parts of Jarvis End for over two centuries and has been the heart of the artistic circles that call Kintargo home. Aside from having its own troupe, it has always been open to all members of the arts to come and discuss their craft, share gossip and review each other’s work.

While not the size of the great Kintargo Opera House, it is a well respected and beautifully appointed theatre that has been the launching stage for many greats within the city.

It has recently been bought by two brothers, an elf and half-elf, who wish to restore the theatre and company to its once proud status.

Dramatis Personae

  • Silias Moonwhelm: Silias is a full elf and one half of the new owners of the theatre. He is friendly and has a great love for play writing but knows his elven training makes it hard to create pieces that are understood by non-elves.
  • Gevran Moonwhelm: Half-elven and the half-brother to Silias, Gevran is much more serious than his brother. He has a love for the arts but particularly focuses on tragedies and poetry, his own heritage fueling many of his works.
  • Isidora Shade: A half-elven beauty, this multi-talented young woman has only recently arrived in Kintargo and already she has a large following as well as many admirers. She has been employed by the Moonwhelm brothers to be their leading lady in their upcoming plays.
  • Bartellamus Cartwright: A middle-aged, balding clerk, Bartellamus has a great love for writing but unfortunately, he has little skill for it. Still he keeps up with it and strives to improve himself, his works not wretched, just very boring and uninspired.
  • Draelor Vaultrand: A young man who has recently completed his tutelage at the Alabaster Academy. He has completed a couple of plays, one of which got him an apprenticeship at the Blue Feather Theatre. He is a quiet sort and seeks only to improve his craft this early in his career.
  • Dantron Weathertull: A poster child of the carefree, wastrel noble who has more money than sense and no responsibilities and yet, still thinks their life a chore. Dantron has been kicked out of many theatres for his boorish behaviour and yet, he remains aloof and arrogant. He has actual talent for dark poetry but too often fails to rein in his hubris and produces over the top tripe.
  • Vizmier Rathor: A young, tall illusionist who specialises in producing magical effects for plays. He believes his skills are far superior to mere actors and playwrights and expects to be considered as such. Baroness Victocora banned his services from the Opera House for it was a place for true artistic performances.

The Blue Feather Theatre Company

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