The Real Purpose

Titania arrived at her house after a surprisingly tiring day. Her first Day of Cendre. She carefully placed her purchases on the small table which was both her dining table and her writing desk. One of the boxes flipped open and a small furry white head popped out. Groaning, Titania wondered how she was going to care for the small furry thing. Eventually the cat would be a good ratter and keep her house free of the annoying rodents but for the time being it was a tiny dependent creature.

As she cleared the top of the narrow spiral staircase to her bedroom with the small furry creature in hand, she saw the lights from the Kintargo Opera House. All the anger from the last few months came crashing back. All that had happened, the mayor taking the Opera House from them, the Night of Ashes, the loss of her friend Shensen who had replaced the sister lost so long ago. The reforming of the Silver Ravens.

The Silver Ravens. Titania was sure that her sister had been a member of the original group. Everything they had learned in Greengold, all the childish talk of rebellion, grown into the real thing. Until now, Titania’s reason for reforming the Silver Ravens had been in anger. Revenge against the people who had murdered her friends, burned the city and now demanded such trivial fines from Kintargo’s citizens, bleeding them dry of their meagre earnings.

A purring sound and the kneading of tiny needle claws dragged her from her anger. As she thought back on the day, her anger gradually subsided. The Day of Cendre, that title now forever engraved in Titania’s mind. She thought fondly back on the small elven girl who lived each moment with such joy; her father, who had given up his homeland and his livelihood to make a better life for his daughter in Kintargo. Clarity of purpose flooded through her as she realised that Daniel and Cendre, represented the real reason she formed the Silver Ravens. The good people living in the city, the people who did not have a voice of their own, the people who were just trying to make a living wage to feed their families. Those were the people she was fighting for.

The kitten purred and kneaded the bedspread. “Your name is Rose” Titania whispered to the little thing. “You will remind me what we fight for”.

Titania readied herself for bed and thought with more joy than was warranted after a single day, that in a few short hours, she would be seeing Daniel and Cendre again.

The Real Purpose

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